Case File: Rare, Italian Made Shoes and the O.J. Simpson Trial

Shoe prints, stained with the victims’ blood, that were determined to have been made by expensive, Italian manufactured shoes were found leading away from the crime scene. The victims of this tragic event were Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. At the criminal trial, an expert from the FBI posited that the shoe prints were made… Read more »

Case File: A Bizarre Location for a Footwear Impression

Whenever we think of a footwear impression, immediately the location is thought to be in a muddy patch of ground outdoors or on a dusty tabletop inside of a house. However, in this unfortunate incident, the victim of an assault and robbery bore the footwear impression on his forehead! Warning! Some may find the images… Read more »


If you like puzzles (or not), you should test your observational and problem solving skills on a range of puzzles we have created from images related to the research. No need to worry, there is something for everyone! There are very simple puzzles and some challenging ones! Just follow the link below. Forensic Footwear Puzzles… Read more »

Case File: Footprints in Snow Helped Police Catch Crooks

The staff of a One Stop store in Whitnash, Warwickshire endured a horrible time as they were threatened and robbed by two men. However, the police were able to make arrests on account of the footprints found in the snow. The police were able to follow the tracks left in the snow to a block… Read more »

Case File: The Unexplained Footprint

After being shot Lisa Kindred drives herself to a gas station, leaving her husband behind, looking for help. Unfortunately, help does not arrive on time and Lisa dies. At the crime scene the police find a muddy boot print belonging to Lisa’s husband, Will. He gives a a curious explanation as to its origin. Read… Read more »

Fieldwork Day 1: The Weather is too Nice!

Unlike most people Sam & I were hoping for a heavy downpour of rain on Monday evening. Why? The following morning we would be starting our first day of field work. This would entail using a 3-D Scanner and a Digital SLR camera to document footwear impressions we would find in Talbot Woods. Unfortunately for… Read more »

The New Help! Undergraduate Research Assistants (URAs)

As part of Bournemouth University’s commitment to this NERC Forensic Footprints project, two current undergraduate students have been recruited to work alongside the lead researcher Professor Matthew Bennett. Sam Underhill is a Forensic Science student, soon to begin her second year of study. Her career aims are to gain work with Disaster Victim Identification (DVI)… Read more »