Case File: Rare, Italian Made Shoes and the O.J. Simpson Trial

Shoe prints, stained with the victims’ blood, that were determined to have been made by expensive, Italian manufactured shoes were found leading away from the crime scene. The victims of this tragic event were Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

At the criminal trial, an expert from the FBI posited that the shoe prints were made by someone who wears similar sized shoes as O.J. Simpson, the main suspect. O.J. vehemently defended himself by saying he would never wear such ugly shoes. However, the bloody shoes were never recovered, and in addition to other factors, caused a not guilty verdict to be reached.

In a surprising twist, after the criminal trial was concluded, photographs surfaced of O.J. wearing the exact type of shoes that made the prints at the murder scene. These photographs were taken at prominent public events by numerous photographers months before the murder occurred.

After considering the evidence presented at the civil trial, the jury found O.J. guilty of causing the wrongful death of Goldman and battery of his ex-wife and was ordered to pay damages in excess of 30 million dollars (approximately 19 million pounds).

Read more about the shoe print impression evidence presented:┬áSimpson’s Shoe Size Fits Bloody Prints Left at the Crime Scene, an F.B.I. Expert Says.

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