Fieldwork Day 1: The Weather is too Nice!

Unlike most people Sam & I were hoping for a heavy downpour of rain on Monday evening. Why? The following morning we would be starting our first day of field work. This would entail using a 3-D Scanner and a Digital SLR camera to document footwear impressions we would find in Talbot Woods.

Unfortunately for us (but fortunately for most other people) the weather over the weekend has been great generally! While this may be good news for outdoor enthusiasts, it did not bode well for the making of footwear impressions since the soil was too dry.

Still not wet enough on the ground.

Still not wet enough on the ground.

Even with a few hours of light rain on Monday evening the ground’s surface was still too hard, in most places, to leave substantial impressions. But we did find a few well defined impressions. Now it is time to take the equipment to the woods to start documenting our findings!

At this point, our plans suffered a major setback. The generator that would have been powering the 3-D scanner was faulty and couldn’t be used. This meant we could only photograph the footwear impressions.

The fuel line in our new generator was broken.

The fuel line in our new generator was broken.

Despite this setback, we managed to take approximately 200 photographs, which completed a moderately successful day of field work.

You can help by joining with us, wherever you are, to do the rain dance!



Update on fieldwork done on 21-07-15

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