Good News!

It's muddy in Talbot Woods.

It’s muddy in Talbot Woods.

After a really dry and challenging first week things have started to change  for the better!

First of all, the weather has changed. Thursday evening, Friday and Sunday were very rainy days! The combinations of our complaints about the weather and rain dances probably did the trick. We now have damp soil and muddy areas to document! This definitely has helped us in finding more footwear impressions.

Secondly, our bust generator  is now up and running! Fortunately, and to our embarrassment, what we thought was a severed fuel line was a type of drain! So it was meant to be exactly how we found it! We’ll just chalk this one up to experience…



Update on fieldwork done on 28-07-15 & 27-07-15.

PS. If you know of any particularly muddy walking paths you can tell us in the comments section. We’d love your suggestions!


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