Footprints on the Beach

Footprint Festival collects data that could solve crimes

Hundreds of people attended the Footprints on the Beach festival on Bournemouth beach and donated their footprints in the name of science as part of research conducted by Bournemouth University. The Footprints on the Beach Festival collected the prints in the sand near Boscombe Pier with families, passers-by and beachgoers donating their footprints to research… Read more »

Look at your shoes

Take a look at the soles of your favourite shoes – those trainers that you always wear. Assuming that they are not brand new you will see that the tread is worn. May be you walked over something sharp and can see a small cut or knick in the tread? Or are the heels slightly… Read more »

The beach Festival that could help stop crime…

A two day beach Festival taking place in Dorset is asking the public to come and contribute to research that could help stop crimes in the future. The Footprints on the Beach Festival is inspired by research currently being conducted at Bournemouth University, looking at the way footprint analysis can be used when investigating crime… Read more »

The Perfect Sandcastle!

Professor Sandcastle, Bournemouth University’s, expert on the humble sandcastle will be making an appearance next weekend. Ten years ago he did a piece of work reviewing which of Britain’s beaches were best for sandcastle building and came up with the magic formula for the perfect sandcastle. The ratio of eight parts of sand to one… Read more »

All systems go!

With less than a week to go to the big footprint event everything is hands on and all systems go! I have run footprint events before but nothing on the scale and size of this one. We hope to attract over a thousand visitors next weekend to leave their footprints for science. As a sedimentologist… Read more »

Event announced

Come and get involved in world leading research and celebrate the Natural Environmental Research Council’s (NERC) 50th birthday in association with Bournemouth University (BU). Leave your footprints for science and learn more about fossil footprints and forensic science. Boscombe Pier, Bournemouth. 4th and 5th July.