The New Help! Undergraduate Research Assistants (URAs)

As part of Bournemouth University’s commitment to this NERC Forensic Footprints project, two current undergraduate students have been recruited to work alongside the lead researcher Professor Matthew Bennett.

Sam Underhill

Sam Underhill

Sam Underhill is a Forensic Science student, soon to begin her second year of study. Her career aims are to gain work with Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) teams, train as a CSI, and become a qualified Forensic Anthropologist, enabling her to work alongside the police where a crime involves human bones. It is the opportunity to provide the family and friends of victims with an element of closure that has drawn her down this career path. It is her hope that the work being undertaken to develop techniques used in footwear analysis at crime scenes will someday be available for her to use in her chosen career.

Carlyle Collins

Carlyle Collins, has recently completed his Sandwich Placement and will be commencing his final year, in September, of the Forensic Science degree. He has chosen to study Forensic Science because he felt it’s a good way to combine his love of science and helping people. As such, he is eagerly anticipating the completion of this project to see how it affects the processing of crime scenes.

Together they have committed to work diligently on this project to produce high quality data that can be used to further Science! Moreover, they will be updating this site regularly detailing the project’s progress!

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