A comparison of LED panels for use in Virtual Production

Very happy to announce the completion of a Technical Report based on my LED panel experiments conducted in November 2021. Title: A comparison of LED panels for use in Virtual Production: Findings and recommendations. Abstract: We evaluate four LED panels from three vendors for use in Virtual Production using experimental conditions. Tests were designed to… Read more »

Frame Remapping for Virtual Production

Frame Remapping

One of the benefits of working with a fantastic multi-disciplinary team is range of creative ideas which we come up with. One idea is to utilise the high frame rates of the LED displays to alternate between multiple images, in the same way that stereo shutter glasses alternate between left and right eye images, used… Read more »

LED Comparison Testing

Apologies for the brief hiatus – the start of term and return to campus has sapped all available bandwidth! We are very excited this week to be hosting LED panels from multiple vendors to in order to better understand the differences and develop testing methodologies to consistently evaluate them for use in Virtual Production. Participating… Read more »

Behold the parallax!

This is with a custom Unreal 4.25 setup using composure and Motion Analysis (note, not using ndisplay). I’ll share this once it’s neat and tidy. Still loads to do: genlock, proper measurements, frustum feathering, proper zoom / aperture capture etc. Also will be looking into different methods to interpolate as this method causes some warping… Read more »

LED Wall Installation 14 June 2021

The wall is here! Here are a couple of pics of the insallation for your enjoyment: We’d like to thank our friends at PEPLED and BBX Media for helping to make this happen! More details will follow as we get it all up and cooking. – R