LED Comparison Testing

Apologies for the brief hiatus – the start of term and return to campus has sapped all available bandwidth!

We are very excited this week to be hosting LED panels from multiple vendors to in order to better understand the differences and develop testing methodologies to consistently evaluate them for use in Virtual Production. Participating providers are Absen, AOTO and ROE (being installed tomorrow). Controllers courtesy of Brompton. A massive thank you to Richard Marshall (PEPLED) for bringing this together.

Watch this space as further updates of our experimental setup will be forthcoming.

Absen panel layout

Absen panel layout is 2.6mm pitch surface mount device (SMD).

AOTO panel layout

The AOTO panel is 2.3mm pitch with a 4-in-1 layout.

Experimental setup day 1

The setup to date, with the AOTO and Absen panels respective. Natty Brompton controller rack courtesy of Ed Sedgely.

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