The NCCA is awarded Unreal Engine Academic Partner Status

I’m happy to announce that the National Centre for Computer Animation is now an Unreal Academic Partner. This is recognition for our ongoing commitment to teaching in Unreal, and the particularly excellent work produced by our graduates. A small sample of their fantastic work (part of our application for partner status) is included below:

  • “The Starkeeper” by Callum Harwood, Sydney Hopkin, Hisham Shehata, Michael Paler, Aditya Rajesh and Raluca Petcu was created in 2020 for their Masters Project in 2020. It was rendered in real-time using Unreal Engine 4. Other software used: Maya, Substance Painter/Design, Mudbox, Zbrush, Adobe suite. 
  • Jack Beasley created a toolkit for his 2020 Masters Project in C++ and Blueprints to streamline the creation of physics-based games in Unreal. 
  • “Smoking Mirror” was created by Lizzy Freeman for her 2019 Undergraduate project, and is a first-person puzzle platforming game set during the Spanish invasion of the Aztec empire, where players take control of the god of war, Tezcatlipoca and his jaguar alter ego. It was created with Unreal Engine and complimentary production software.   
  • “Murder At The Bluebird” was created by Chereen Francis-Roberts, Tom Hoxey and Becky Wall for their final 2018 Undergraduate project. It is a VR experience set in prohibition New Orleans, exploring the setting through the life flashing before the eyes of a murder victim. It was created with Unreal Engine and complimentary production software. 
  • “Ava” is an adventure game set within a golden palace in the mountains of Tibet, submitted by Lloyd Phillips, Reka Kadar, Francesco Torelli, Rebecca Oxford, Diana Varro, and Varya Zhovtobriukh for their 2017 Masters project. The game was built in Unreal Engine 4 and its assets created in Maya, Mari, ZBrush, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. 
  • “52nd West” by Ben Hawkyard and William Stocks was created in 2017 for their final Undergraduate project. It is an experimental first-person interactive experience that studies how closely intertwined work and personal relationships can be. It was developed with Unreal Engine and complimentary production software. 
  • “Vilomah” by Laura Beach was created in 2016 for her BA Computer Animation Arts final project. It was inspired by the tales and mythologies of Asian and Arctic nomadic cultures; in particular, references to malevolent spirits who steal children away from their families. It was rendered in Unreal Engine, with assets created in Maya, Adobe Photoshop and Zbrush. 
  • “The Forager” was created by Tom Martyn and Jonathan Flynn in 2016 for their final Undergraduate project. It is a platform, puzzle game of a creature with botanical abilities that explores and traverses an infected forest. It was created with Unreal Engine and complimentary production software. 


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