Workpackage 6

Workpackage 6 – Dissemination: The objective of WP6 is to coordinate the collation and synthesis of the findings, resulting in specific recommendations for schools, elder care, policy and decision makers. Moreover, this WP will manage the dissemination of results, both to the media and to the scientific community. This WP will be responsible for the visibility of the consortium to the general public, the communication strategy and will also ensure that all partners will be fully included in the dissemination of the findings. WP6 will be responsible for the planning and execution of conferences and other scientific meetings; and publication in high- quality scientific journals. Scientific dissemination will include an updated database on congresses, based on the information from all partners regarding interesting forthcoming scientific events where results from the project could be presented. Active participation and presentation at European and international conferences will be promoted, and there will be proactive intelligence-gathering of suitable events. The annual Louis-Bonduelle Foundation scientific communication at the European parliament, Brussels, will be used to disseminate relevant information. This WP will be led by BU.

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