Workpackage 3

Workpackage 3– Product acceptance (recipe development): The objective of WP3 is to select the products and factors of the intervention study (WP4) through the development and acceptability assessment of recipes and dishes and through pilot testing of CA designs. Emotions towards the product will be coded using the FaceReader ® software.

This WP will be led by the Institute Paul Bocuse (IPB) and includes 3 tasks as outlined:

Research components: Task 3.1 (recipe development): Will develop recipe/dishes incorporating the target vegetable as its component part Task 3. 2 (selection of acceptable recipes): Will assess the acceptability of recipes developed in task 3.1 and select the preferred recipes to be introduced in the choice architectural intervention study (WP4); and develop a protocol for the assessment of acceptability and other indicators of perception such as expected and perceived freshness which will be pilot tested in the IPB experimental restaurant. Acceptability measures of the selected recipes will be carried out in UK, DK, I & Fr through researcher mobility in order to control for cross-country characteristics. Task 3.3 (selection of intervention study factors): Will identify the relevant CA factors to be tested in WP4. Pilot tests of CA options will be conducted at IPB in an experimental restaurant setting, and also at AAU’s FoodScape Lab. This WP addresses the industrial challenge of assessing the preferred dish development incorporating the target vegetable(s) in its processed state and will focus on studying the place of vegetables in the meal (using factors such as proportions of vegetables within a dish, colours and menu description).


Work Package 3 report – Recipe development

Institut Paul Bocuse

Authors: Laure Saulais, Estelle Petit, Agnes Giboreau

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