Workpackage 1

Workpackage 1 – Management and Coordination: The objective of WP1 is to provide day to day coordination and management of all VeggiEAT activities, providing efficient support in terms of financial and human resources and linking the project to the EU Commission. The following objectives will be pursued: i) to ensure efficient management at the administrative, scientific and technical levels; ii) To ensure an integration of all activities among partners; iii) To ensure effective communication between team partners; iv) To provide an efficient link with the EU; and v) To deal with legal issues pertaining to ownership of knowledge and intellectual property rights.  It is considered imperative at the outset of the project that all partners are clear as to what is expected of them not only in terms of the research and deliverables but also their administrative/accounting responsibilities.  The aim here would be to reach a consensus with all Partners who through their participation could then ‘take ownership’ not only of their own input but of the overall project as well.

This WP will be led by BU.