BREXIT and the impact on tourism, travel and hospitality industry @ Bournemouth University

BREXIT and the impact on tourism, travel and hospitality industry – discussion and workshop 
Bournemouth University Department of Tourism and Hospitality 
Thursday 30th June 14:00-16:30 Talbot Campus BH12 5BB

Brexit Tourism copy

Now that BREXIT is a reality we need to explore the impacts on tourism, travel and hospitality and to discuss the implications for the next day.

The Department of Tourism and Hospitality Bournemouth University will host a workshop, bringing together academics and industry colleagues to discuss the implications of the recent Brexit vote. The workshop will encourage discussion and engage participants in cocreating the way forward given the implications of this historic development. We will invite industry colleagues as well as several European academics to also contribute their perspective.

We will exchange ideas on how to prepare the tourism and hospitality industry for the new era that is emerging in European Tourism in the two years of negotiations among the remaining EU Member States to agree the terms to be offered for a continued trading relationship with the UK.

The ABTA – DELOITTE Report provides a comprehensive background for the workshop

We are inviting all possible contributors to join us for a discussion on the impacts of BREXIT on tourism, travel and hospitality.

© indicates confirmed participant

Co-chaired  © Professor Dimitrios Buhalis and © Dr Neelu Seetaram

Invited Contributors

Professor John Fletcher
Professor Adam Blake
Professor Steve Page
Dr Giampaolo Viglia
Dr Marta Disegna
Steve Calver
Dr Shuang Cang
Professor Keith Wilkes
Professor Roger Vaughan
Professor Lee Miles
Derek Robbins
Dr Miguel Moital Prof Marta Laguna García, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain 

A number of Industry contributors invited also and will be announced shortly 

FREE EVENT –  EVERYBODY INVITED ALL WELCOME – Please invite relevant colleagues 

For more information contact

Professor Dimitrios Buhalis
Head of Department of Tourism and Hospitality
Bournemouth University
dbuhalis @

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