Advancing Green Growth in Peru: A spotlight on tourism, transport and the blue economy

Advancing Green Growth in Peru: A spotlight on tourism, transport and the blue economy, field visit 14th – 17th March, Lima, PeruPEru 2016-03-16 16.00.54

Drs Susanna Curtin and Viachaslau Filimonau attended a British Council workshop in Lima dedicated to sustainability, green growth and green economy transitions in ground transport, tourism and coastal industries in Peru. Poster presentations, key note speakers and collaboration from industry and government organisations facilitated group discussions regarding the green and blue economy: challenges and opportunities. A Green Economy is a development model that promotes well-being and meaningful jobs for society, reduces poverty, adapts and mitigates to climate change and conserves critical ecosystems. Participants brought their individual expertise to develop a coordinated research agenda and sector strategies that promote green jobs.  The workshop identified opportunities for international exchange, cooperation and dialogue in low carbon development between the two countries. Visits included the local fish market, a trip to ancient ruins, a guided tour around Lima and cocktails at the residence of the British Embassy.

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Susanna brought her expertise in  nature-based and wildlife tourism; particularly how the conservation and protection of landscapes and habitats provide new opportunities to support economic growth and wellbeing of local people.  As part of her research she visited the ‘Little Galapagos’ (Islas Ballestas, in the Paracas National Reserve).  Tourism here is well-developed and revealed the high tourist demand to see charismatic marine species such as fur seals, sea lions and particularly the penguins.  It is still too north (warm) for penguins, however the  Humboldt current with its cold nutrient-rich water sweeps up from the Southern Pacific and is largely responsible for the coastal deserts of Chile, Ecuador and Peru. Named after this current, Humboldt penguins are the major draw; these and the strange geoglpyh etched on the desert cliffs.


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