BA Tourism Management Field trip to Malta

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Level  I BA Tourism Management students recently spent seven days in Malta as part of their studies. The students were investigating tourism development, planning, operations and tourist experience and behaviour during the field trip. During the trip students met with a number of tourism industry professionals, including representatives from Visit Malta, Heritage Malta, The Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association, MIDI Group, and the Ministry of Gozo.

Students were able to look at the plans for Malta’s capital city Valletta as it prepares to become European Capital of Culture in 2018; explored the development of ecotourism on Malta’s sister island Gozo; experienced the redevelopment of Malta’s Three Cities for heritage and cultural tourism; visited new developments such as the National Aquarium; and investigated dark tourism provision at the catacombs.

During the field trip links were strengthened between BU School of Tourism and the Institute of Tourism, Travel and Culture at the University of Malta, with BU students visiting the University for a guest lecture on ‘Maltese Culture and Heritage as a tourism product’.

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  1. Juve's avatar Juve

    It is very important for student make field trip to other country to increase their skill by share since stay out. Experience and share with other country is make more influence in their studying. Student will get new concept and new inspiration what they have seen. Go on and continue this program.
    Best all


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