Pedal2Medal with sports students

On Sunday 25th May, a team of sports management students hosted the event Pedal2Medal at Ensbury Velodrome.


Students explained that the aim of the event was to create more awareness for the track and raise funds for ‘Wessex Accessible Cycling Club’, a local charity for disabled riders.

Spectators were able to enjoy refreshments, and experience a fun relaxed day of sporting, whilst they watched friends and family partake in a series of competitive races. The students were ecstatic to announce the presence of a Paralympion cyclist, Darren Kenny, at the event to hand out the trophies and flowers to the winners of each event; as well as world record holder Lauren Booth who unofficially broke her own record for the standing 200m sprint at the event on Sunday!

The team was extremely happy with the turnout, and to top it off, received a high 1st by their assessors! We spoke to Event Manager, Charlotte Leary who said that over 50 riders turned up on the day from over 20 teams across the South of England!

Charlotte added that “overall we felt the day was a huge success, despite getting a little sun burnt, it was a very enjoyable day for all!”

By: Divya Satwani

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