Sport Management students bring the Handball Games to SportBU

Setting up for an afternoon of mayhem at SportBU, a team of sport management students await the onslaught of excited students. Leaving the door open to experienced and novice handball players, this event allowed for some great team building, skill learning and a lot of laughs.

Handball games

The second years conducted a series of events as part of their course requirement. Events such as the “Handball Games” allowed for a great opportunity for students to do something very different to our usual nights out of drinking and madness. Students from all different varsity teams came together to form amazing teams for one day only.

After a brief introduction and professional coaching session, the students were let loose to try out their techniques. A series of high energy matches took place. Students were really immersed in the experience and a lot of healthy competition took place.

The day ended in an awards ceremony for the winning team and some sore losers from others. All in all, the event was a success and students, managers and all the sponsors were very happy (and exhausted!).

Handball games 2

This event was supported by Free your Fitness and SportBU. Refreshments and information brochures were provided as well as high quality equipment and professional coaching. The management team would like to thank them for making the event such a success.

By: Kirsty Simms

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