Sports Management students smash it with BU Showdown: Dodgeball

“Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge!” Most of us are aware of the fast-paced game from the infamous Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller movie, but how many of us have had the chance to be on the front line, hurling the next ball?

BU Showdown1A team of sport management students created a full afternoon event for students to release some steam and experience the intense game of dodgeball first hand. The students said that the aim for their event was to provide “BU students the opportunity to participate in non-traditional sports”. The event certainly managed that! Students from all courses, all types of sporting experience and all levels of fitness grouped together and let loose in a style similar to that of wild animals!

Teams such as “The Oi Ois” and “Balls of Steel” took part in quick-fire five minute games in a knockout fashion. Those who did not make it to the semi-finals stayed on to cheer on a tense finale. Spirits were high and there was a great atmosphere and sense of comraderie in the sport hall.

Not only did this event provide students with a great game, there was also some great music from a full DJ set up in the centre of the hall. This helped to get the students pumped when the games kicked off. Some sponsorship from Red Bull also gave the competitors a helpful boost.


BU Showdown 2Overall, the event was a roaring success and for a good cause too! All proceeds from £1 entry to the event went to raising money for RAG, Bournemouth Uni’s registered charity.

By: Kirsty Simms

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