Graduate Creates “A Portrait of Boscombe”

Leisure Marketing graduate Nadia Amura is close to completing her personal project entitled “A Portrait of Boscombe.”

A Portrait of Boscombe

Living and working in Boscombe, Nadia views the area as one filled with hardworking, friendly and creative people – but is very aware of the negative opinions and prejudices associated with the district.

By taking pictures and telling the stories of the people who visit, live or work in Boscombe, Nadia hopes to challenge stereotypes and highlight the positives of an interesting and diverse local community.

Nadia intends to put together an exhibition of the work in the near future. In the meantime, her work can be explored online at:

Nadia completed her degree, BA (Hons) Leisure Marketing, in 2009. Successfully running her own photography and film business in Boscombe, her work has been used in documentary series and national ad campaigns, as well as recently being published by Vogue Italia.


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