One of the best decisions in my life

With three sport students studying at partner universities overseas in the current semester, Jack Whitehouse and Amar Santana returned from study abroad end of January. Both Jack (Sport Management) and Amar (Sports Development and Coaching Sciences) lived in Heidelberg, Germany, for four months and are excited to share some of their experiences with the BU community. In this blog article Amar tells his story.

One of the best decisions in my life

“Going abroad has been one of the best decisions I have ever made so far throughout my life. The opportunity that was given to me to study at the SRH University Heidelberg has not only given me a different type of experience in terms of learning but has also developed many other unthinkable new skills.


Thanks to the CORE study model that the university offers, I have been capable of learning in a fast pace and applying theory into practice, as this model allowed me to keep focused and be more concentrated without losing track. The variety of mixed methods, such as role plays, small team work, leading discussions, case studies, presentations and more, together with the variety of other international students from different backgrounds has been a real case scenario experience towards the real labour world, as one learns how to deal and work with different people.

A time to make friends

This has provided me with academic and personal enrichment by broadening my horizons, which I think will make a difference one day in future. Of course, this would have never happened without the individual, personal and excellent attention from the lecturers who kindly supported me. A good example for I experiences his was already on the first day, when Mrs Pauley (lecturer and international coordinator) approached me and knew exactly who I was without me having the chance to introduce myself. This made me feel homely. Michelle (Business coordinator) and Ada (German lecturer and international coordinator) were of valuable support, too.


Student life in Heidelberg was also a great experience. Living in student accommodation on campus made life easier when socialising with different people and which helped me to learn German. I must say that the orientation and international week, which the university organised was of great help, as it was a great chance of getting to know many people many of whom become friends forever.

City life and lower living costs than in Bournemouth

The most I liked of these two weeks was that the university provided student ambassadors, which gave support with everything (registration in the country, medical issues, bus/tram passes etc.) and organised many different excursions and trips, which were vital to get to know the city better and the best and cheapest places to go out. I also thought it was great that the university and ambassadors organised weekly international meetings aiming for students to have some knowledge on German culture, which was at the same time a way of taking care of us.

Again, staying on campus made life easier due to the canteen with delicious and cheap food of high quality. Transport was not a problem since buses and trams run every 10 minutes. I think that anyone would find Heidelberg amazing due to its history and historical castle, its high street, the incredible river Neckar and the multicultural atmosphere (so speaking English would not be a problem).


I would have loved to have been able to extend my stay in Heidelberg! Therefore, I highly recommend everyone to go abroad and have this amazing, unpayable experience!  I would like to thank Tim Breitbarth and Moritz Ehlen for making this possible!”

By: Amar Santana
(This blog article was also one of the contestants in the #BUBlogosphere competition at School of Tourism)

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More information about study abroad opportunities and student experiences in Sport are available from Dr Tim Breitbarth (

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