Get Creative this week with #BeYouBeCreative !!!!

“…Being creative is not just making something; music, art, poetry, clothing, etc. it’s how you live your life. Find ways to allow yourself to think creatively and live creatively. Getting stuck in a routine or way of thinking can inhibit the joy of doing something new or spontaneous. Listen to the inner impulse that is helping you to find your personal muse and be aware of the alternate choices you can make each day…”


The Creativity Challenge!

You don’t have to be “the arty type” to be creative.

Follow these SEVEN simple steps to find a more creative you!

1. Spend time on appreciating what’s around you.

Ask yourself, what do you do out of university life?? Taking time out for you can be more inspiring and a more powerful tool to sparking creative thinking. Take control of your learning! Instead of staying in and watching Netflix, get out of the house! Bask in the beauty of Bournemouth pier, or take a walk down the lower gardens.


2. Take part in new experiences…

Find yourself in the same monotonous routine every week? Challenge yourself to do something different! Even if it’s attending a different music gig or taking part in a dance class at the Pavilion, you might discover something new you really enjoy!

3. Ask more questions.

Where would we be if we didn’t ask questions?? Without a sense of curiosity we would have no desire to be innovative and discover new ideas. Unmasking knowledge can be a fascinating thing. It might make you see things from a different perspective, or discover something of the world you knew nothing about before.

4. Put yourself in a creative environment.

Treat your bedroom as a blank canvas and put up images or things that inspire you. Design it the way you want it. These sorts of environments can stimulate your mind, aiding innovation and creative thinking.


5. Collaborate with others

For most of our working life we will have to learn to be part of a team. Collaborating with other students or colleagues can be a beneficial way of attempting to be more unique and inventive in your creative processes. Use each other’s strengths to bounce off one another!

6. Think outside of the box.

Try and embrace ideas and think more deeply in to the concept behind them. Be reflective in your thought processes and when considering an idea or a concept, try and embrace it fully and think more deeply into the meaning behind them, to gain a better understanding of its purpose.

7. And finally…break out of your comfort zone!

Although it may seem daunting, challenge yourself and allow yourself to grow as an individual. Taking risks and trying out new things can be a great way of building confidence as well as unlocking potential creativity!3311

For more ideas on how to inspire creativity check out the following link! :

By: Divya Satwani

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