Ever organised a children’s party? Crafty Arty World Group takes the connotation of children’s events to a whole other level

Thursday the 17th October Let’s Talk Events & Leisure had the pleasure to welcome Emily Hall, Business Development Manager and Tony Jacques, Marketing Director from Crafty Arty World Group.

Crafty Arty World

Crafty Arty World Group has grown organically at a rapid pace the past years and experienced a steep learning curve. Starting as a local company organising arts courses for children they got a call that would change everything to come. They were asked to organise a children’s party and realised quickly that there was a gap in the market. Today 99% of the business is London based though the office is based next to a beautiful meadow in Dorset. They have 3 companies under the umbrella Crafty Arty World i.e. Crafty Arty Parties™, Tikes & Tiaras™ and Prop Dead Gorgeous™ http://www.craftyartyworld.com/ and have plans to develop even further.  They deliver corporate and private children parties with bespoke and creative solutions. Everything is made specifically for each event. The company organises the biggest corporate children’s party in London for the 3rd year running. Tony explains that “corporate clients has moved away from merely treating their employees and clients and are now focusing largely on family events. Happy children make for happy parents and happy employees.”

Emily graduated from the Events Management program at School of Tourism in 2012. She started her journey with the company as a placement student and is now responsible for up to high profile 30 clients at one time. She tells the story of the first time she was invited by her manager to be part of a pitch. “I have done bungee jumping and I honestly thought that it at least can’t be as bad as that. They are just humans in that room and they are not going to eat me”.  Emily won the pitch and was promoted.

Emily Hall

“What did you think about when you hear children’s party?” Tony asked the students. They would find out that it is much more than balloons, clowns and cupcakes involved. Crafty Arty World Group is an event production company from start to finish. The audience learned about the ups and downs when it comes to building client relationships, answering to briefs, landing a pitch, and finally delivering and event. The biggest challenge is to get into the door. “There is no one way to get a client and sometimes it can take years of work to get that meeting” says Emily. She also stressed how important it is to make the clients remember you, be creative, and know your finances. But most of all make sure to get a signature on that contract.

Tony JacquesThe future looks bright for Crafty Arty World Group. They are launching a new brand, developing their e-marketing and increasing international business. After Christmas Tony and Emily will fly to New York in the search for new opportunities. When Crafty Arty World Group met with students after the presentation the room was packed. They are currently looking for students to do casual work as well as offering graduate opportunities. If you are interested contact Emily at Emily.hall@craftyartyparties.com  or Tony Jacques at Jacques@craftyartyparties.com.

By: Maria Näs


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