Bournemouth University eTourism Lab and the Digital Tourism Think Tank partnership

The eTourism Lab is excited to announce a partnership with the The Digital Tourism Think Tank

This knowledge partnership will lead to insights into cutting edge research conducted by the different researchers from the eTourism Lab.

In the next months, best practice research on a variety of e-tourism topics will be shared on the Digital Tourism Think Tank website.

Marketers and tourism professionals will be able to benefit from insights into cutting edge topics and see how destinations and tourism organisations can put the knowledge into practice.

The Bournemouth University eTourism Lab explores cutting edge information and communication technologies, alongside e-based strategic management and marketing for the tourism and hospitality industries.

Led by Professor Dimitrios Buhalis who is also currently the President of the International Federation of Information Technology for Travel and Tourism (IFITT) the Lab is emerging as a research centre of global excellence.

What topics will be featured in the future?

– Context based mobile marketing

– ICT usage in China and Smart City Destinations

– Technology enhanced tourist experiences

– Augmented reality

– Service of Now

The Digital Tourism Think Tank commented that they are “pleased to provide a platform for cutting edge researchers that are doing great work in tourism research. Knowing what is happening in the industry and getting much needed insights into the latest trends and technologies is absolutely crucial.”

We look forward to sharing with you more information from this exciting partnership.

For more information on the Digital Tourism Think Tank please see here

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