Senior lecturer in Sports Management, Andrew Adams contributes a book chapter to the “Routledge Handbook of Sport Policy”

Senior lecturer in Sports Management, Andrew Adams has contributed a chapter to the “Routledge Handbook of Sport Policy” to be published in July 2013.

Andrew co-authored the chapter with his old colleague Iain Lindsey, from Edge Hill University.

The chapter titled “Sport Development and Community Development” critically analyses some of the important conceptual and policy themes that bind sport development to community development. First looking at the potential of sport to contribute to community development, its salience as a mechanism of policy and the processes underpinning this alignment of sport with community development.  Second, we examine sport and its capacity to deliver in relation to community development and meeting broader policy themes, such as well-being, sustainability, community and civil renewal.

Overall the book introduces a diverse range of approaches to policy analysis across the full range of political and societal contexts, including developed and developing economies; state-centric, mixed economy and market-led systems, and both liberal democracies and political systems characterized by a dominant elite. It is arranged into five sections addressing the key topics and themes in the analysis of contemporary sport policy, including:

  • theory and its implications for methodology
  • globalization, governance, partnerships and networks
  • elite sport policy
  • development, sport and joint policy agendas
  • sport policy and social theory.

With contributions from leading policy analysts around the world, including Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia, this book is important reading for any student, researcher or professional working in sport management, sport development, sport and society, or mainstream public policy, policy analysis or social policy.

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