eTourism innovations in the Digital era event as part of the Festival of Learning

Monday, 10 June 2013 from 13:30 to 18:30 (BST) 

The Digital Era requires tourism organisations and destinations to use Information Communication Technologies and adopt eTourism innovations to strengthen their competitiveness.

This free event, which is part of the Festival of Learning, gives the opportunity to show case research undertaken by the eTourism Lab at the School of Tourism, Bournemouth University 

Chairman Professor Dimitrios Buhalis will ensure that there will be great interactivity and also networking will take place prior to the event on Facebook and on a social gathering at the Slug and Lettuce Pub in Bournemouth after the event.

The event will discuss a range of issues including:

  • Social Media, Location Based and Mobile (SoLoMo) Marketing is increasingly becoming a critical and pivotal tool for tourism marketing.
  • Social Transformation and the new generation of ‘digital travellers’ that make use of new technologies in all stages of the customer journey (mobile devices, tablets, desktop PCs etc.).
  • Augmented Reality and Gaming has the potential to augment a number of important activities, as well as different types of environments (hotels, parks, airports) and services (entertainment, education) to engage with a destination and its history, architecture, heritage and traditions; to interact not only with the physical surroundings but also with other people (residents and visitors). 
  • Online reputation and E-Branding The interactive power of social media encourage more business to consumer, consumer to consumer engagements and dialogues.

For more information on this event please see the Facebook page

To register please see here

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