A Festivity Mashup


 Last week the School of Tourism hosted a “festivity mashup” ideas cafe in the Loft. The event was put on by the Leisure and Recreation research theme from the School of Tourism.

‘Festivity’ is an expanding and critical phenomenon that is impacting on all areas of life from events, technology and gaming, health and wellbeing, media and digital culture, to tourism, fashion and food. 

The festivity mashup was an informal ‘eat, drink and discuss’ session that explored these areas. Guests were treated to pizza and snacks whilst they discussed the theme.

All the tables had been covered with white paper tablecloths so that the guests could write down their thoughts, opinions and discussions straight on to the table.

Going forward the discussions from last night will be used to shape research within the Leisure and Recreation theme.

For more information on the evening please contact Caroline Jackson CJackson@bournemouth.ac.uk

To view the highlights of the evening please see the link to watch the video

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