Sport BU’s Charlton Clarke LBS for £’s Comic Relief Challenge

In the week commencing 4th March Charlton Clarke will be attempting to complete as many fitness classes as possible in 7 days at SportBU for Comic Relief.

Charlton will be taking part in the full class programme offered at SportBU on a weekly basis so 34 classes! These will include Pump, Spinning, Yoga, Step, LBT, Pilates and his very first Zumba class.

Charlton commented:

“I have always wanted to do a challenge for charity and as mad as it sounds I have always been jealous of the celebrities who get to do amazing challenges across the globe. I regularly teach fitness classes at sportBU but tend to avoid anything that involves greater levels of co-ordination i.e Zumba or Combat and generally do not get the opportunity to take part in other classes.

My initial thought was to sample a couple of different classes but then decided to go big and do as many classes as possible in one week. I think the regular class participants will enjoy watching me struggle through a weeks’ worth of classes.”

Good luck to Charlton from all in the School of Tourism!

You can sponsor Charlton here

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