MSc Tourism Graduate Christy Hehir Royal Success

A few weeks ago we bought you a blog story on Christy Hehir book success. See  here.

To add to that success, Christy recently got the opportunity to give the Duchess of Cambridge a copy of her book!

Last week Christy got the opportunity to attend the TUSK charity event at the Royal Geographical Society. She was seated a few seats away from the Duchess of Cambridge and managed to spend some time with her during the event.

Christy commented “Having camped on the Mall for the royal wedding, meeting the Duchess of Cambridge ordinarily would be a special occasion for me, but being able to give her the very first copy of my first book was a moment I shall treasure for a very long time.  As Kate flicked through the book, she asked me questions about our Arctic journey and seemed to grasp the books passion and noted she would definitely be sharing the book with ‘Wills’. Unbelievable, I still can’t quite believe it.”

The book, “Arctic Reflections: Moments of inspiration, a life time of action”, is a result of seventeen young people from twelve different countries that visited Svalbard in the Norwegian Arctic, as part of an expedition funded by the European Union’s Youth in Action programme, and organised by the British Council in partnership with UNEP GRID – Arendal.


Through personal testimonies collected by Christy as part of her PhD research, and photographs taken by Luka Tomac of the sights witnessed, the book goes beyond simple impressions and acts as a poignant reminder that our planet is at great environmental risk. Importantly, it also offers positive examples of young people taking action, something the Youth in Action Programme strongly encourages. Doug Allan, prominent wildlife and documentary cameraman, experts from UNEP GRID – Arendal and Dr. Dirk Notz, a polar scientist from MaxPlanck Institute, have also contributed by adding their personal insights and knowledge, highlighting the need for urgent action necessary to save the Arctic.


It is hoped that this book will not serve as yet another coffee table piece, but rather as an inspirational handbook which encourages you and the decision makers to take real action.


Now published, the next plan is to launch the book in Brussels on January 28th 2013 and distribute copies to policy makers and key influencers across Europe.


If you would like to order a copy of the book, are interested in attending the book launch or for more information please contact @christyhehir




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