John Fotis of the eTourism Lab at Bournemouth University presenting in Greece’s leading tourism conference


This week John Fotis delivered a keynote presentation at the SETE conference in Athens

The conference was the 11th annual “Tourism & Development” conference organised by the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE) and John was invited to present after an invitation from the Director General Mr George Drakopoulos.

This year the conference was entitled: “Marketing Greece – promoting the quality side of modern Greece” and it took place on 29-30 October at Athenaeum Intercontinental.

The Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises ( represents 14 Panhellenic Unions of Tourism Enterprises & 485 Tourism Business Units. SETE aims at constantly boosting competitiveness and demonstrating the key role of tourism in the Greek economy. Their annual conference is considered to be the prime tourism forum in Greece.

John’s keynote presentation is entitled “Communication and promotional strategies for tourism enterprises and destinations: A low cost approach and ways of influencing travel related consumer behavior”.

His presentation described the role of social media in tourists’ “expanded trip”, their impacts on consumer behavior, and suggested tactics and actions that destinations and tourism companies can incorporate into their marketing and communication strategies.

Before John’s keynote there was a round table discussion session on “Marketing Greece: Cooperation between public and private sector in promoting Greek tourism”. The discussion panel consisted of Mr K. Karahalios, Secretary General of the Greek National Tourism Organization; Mr K. Lambrinopoulos, President of the Hellenic Management Association; Mr D. Mavros, President of the Association of Greek Advertising & Communication Companies; Mr G. Tsakiris, President of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels; Mr G. Tsopelas, Managing Director of McKinsey & Company (Greece); and Mr A. Andreadis, President of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises.

For more information you may visit SETE’s conference page (in Greek).

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