Students and Lecturers give Slacklining a go in Induction Week:

Last week saw new Undergraduate and postgraduate students join Bournemouth University School of Tourism for induction week.

The students were welcomed with activities, talks from Lecturers and talks from SUBU.

One activity students (and lecturers!) got involved with was slacklining. BALM Lecturer Kat King set up a slackline in the front of Poole House with help from Maverick Slack Lines (

Slacklining is where you tie a line to two points (i.e. trees) and try to walk across it. It was originally started by surfers and skateboarders as a way to improve balance but soon they realised they could do tricks including flips on the slackline.

Although our lecturers and students weren’t doing any tricks (just yet!), everyone was giving it a go.

In the short time we were there, Events Management and Leisure Marketing programme leader Nick Rowles; Event Management Level C Tutor Teresa Robinson; School of Tourism Director of Operations Robert Hydon and PA to the Executive Zoe Larrad all gave it a go!

You can see our pictures of slacklininig on our Facebook page:

For more information on Maverick Slacklining please visit or

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