Two School of Tourism Academics Published in American Hosteur Magazine:

Professor Adele Lankin and Dr Susan Horner, both from the School of Tourism, have recently been published in the 20th anniversary issue of Hosteur magazine.

Hosteur magazine is the magazine for future Hospitality and Tourism Professionals and is published as part of CHRIE, the International Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education.

The latest edition featuring Adele and Susan, is based around the theme “Vision 20/20: The Hospitality and Tourism Industry in 2020” and showcases how experts believe to see the industry shaped by 2020.

In December 2011, academic leaders in hospitality and tourism education were invited to write commentaries about how they see the future of the industry developing. Adele, Susan, and four others, provided commentaries from a European perspective.

Susan believes that there are “Exciting and challenging times ahead for the industry”. Susan continues “There will be many new opportunities across the world as new market segments continue to develop. Universities must provide the talented individuals to work in the sector who will have to be able to adapt to rapid change and think strategically.”

The hospitality and tourism providers however will have to recruit and develop these talented individuals and dispel the negative views that exist at the present time about working in this exciting and demanding sector as well as offering exciting career opportunities to people from all back grounds and cultures.”

Whereas Susan focused on the industry as whole in her article, Adele focused on the workforce of the hospitality and tourism industry. The purpose of her commentary was to consider the “people” element of the tourism industry.

In terms of the skill base of the tourism workforce in 2020, we are likely to see continued diversity. Currently there is a whole range of occupations with different skill requirements. Given the continued growth in the tourism and hospitality education providers from further education colleges through to universities, it may be those working in the industry have some formal education or vocational training directly related to the industry”.

Adele finalises her commentary by stating “People are a vital element of the tourism industry. They will matter in 2020, as they matter now”

Congratulations to both Susan and Adele on this publication.

To read their articles in full please see

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