Bournemouth University Hospitality Management Student Placement Experience as part of the Royal Household

As well as sharing news from the School and students, we also like to share our student experiences with you.

 Hospitality Management student, Suzanna Jordan shares her experiences of her placement year as part of the Royal Household.

 “From the start I sought out placements in hotels, I never imagined where I would end up. One of the many good things about work placements is discovering your true abilities and what you enjoy or indeed do not enjoy about industry. With a CV set to join the buzz of a hotel (of which I have enjoyed in the past) I went on the hunt for a placement that would accept me. The next few stages resulted in low morale only to be resolved in a spurt of confidence that led me to join the ranks of the Royal Household. And what an experience it has proven to be.

 The placement, a year in total was split in two halves aimed at ensuring I got to see a broad scope of hospitality within the household. The first as a Housemaid in housekeeping (much like in a hotel) and the second as a Footman (like a butler but you also ride the back of the carriages). My responsibilities ranged from maiding ladies or valeting gentlemen of HM The Queen’s guests and family. Looking after them personally reminded me how much I enjoy meeting and greeting guests making them feel comfortable and at ease on their visit. As a Footman I handled priceless china and decorated dining tables with silver and guilt from the royal collection. There was never a dull day, each one offered a challenge or memorable moment to be part of the team. My new colleagues were friendly and encouraging it felt like I had moved from home to a home. Together as members of the Masters Department we also traveled with the Queen to her different residences supporting her from London to a cozy Sandringham Christmas and her family home of Balmoral Castle in the Scottish highlands.

 Reflecting back it has been an exciting year to be in the Royal household I have worked on five garden parties, fifteen investitures, a state banquet, a world sovereigns’ lunch, Royal Ascot, receptions, private dinners, charity galas, learnt Ceilidh Scottish dancing for the Ghillies Ball, Olympic receptions and not to mention the Jubilee celebrations. It has been a pleasure working for the Queen who possesses a rare leadership quality of taking a genuine interest in her staff and their roles. This year has helped in more ways than one realize my capability and opened up the hospitality industry to me “

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