PhD Success for Maeve Marmion

Last week, after a successful defence of her thesis, Maeve Marmion was awarded her PhD subject to some minor amendments.

 Maeve’s PhD titled “Understanding Heritage: Multiple Meanings and Values”, aimed to explore the ways in which people understand and value heritage through a focus on the lay rather than the expert view.

Maeve conducted focus groups for her research into the lay perspective of heritage in order to compliment the academic and industry definitions of heritage that already exist.

Maeve intends to disseminate  her findings through conference papers and  journal articles, and she aims to develop her research into interpretations of heritage by targeting a different population from that used in her doctoral study.

She is also intending to publish a journal article on the practical use and pitfalls of focus groups research.

Lorraine Brown , Masters framework leader, who was the 3rd supervisor on Maeve’s PhD commented that “Maeve gave an excellent defence of her thesis, and was passionate and engaging throughout” Maeve was further praised for how well written her thesis was.

For anyone interested in undertaking a PhD at Bournemouth University School of Tourism please click here.


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