BU’s first ever Hospitality Management Student Conference

BU held its first ever student and industry Hospitality Management Student Conference last week in London.

Over 90 students from the school of tourism travelled to the Kensington Hilton hotel in London, and were joined by around 30 students from West London College, where BU’s top-up hospitality degree is taught.

Final year students were excited about attending the event, hoping for it to provide an opportunity to increase employment prospects and network with potential employers.

Emily McMullan, a final year Tourism Management student said,

“I was interested in coming as I found out there would be a lot of employers from large hotels coming, and as I am going to be a graduate soon I have got to start looking for jobs and possibilities so I really saw today as an opportunity for future employment and networking.”

Students were able to listen to presentations and participate in a live Q&A with leading hospitality professionals from establishments such as Hilton worldwide Europe, Deloitte LLP, charity Hospitality action, and the Inter-Continent hotel group amongst others.

Two of the speakers were BU graduates, James Glover, Vice President of Food and Beverage for Hilton worldwide Europe and Trevor Childs Projects Manager at Ampersand.

James stated that “people and staff are the most important aspect of the business” and that Faulty Towers is the perfect example of how not to run a hotel, whilst complimenting Jamie Oliver as “epitomizing the modern day chef.”

He also commented on the current trend of guests having more knowledge, for example most customers have tasted a red Thai curry in Phuket, therefore expect an exact tasting one in your hotel.

Charles Kidd, head of learning and training delivery for Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa China and Australia for the Inter-Continent Hotel Group said he was keen to start working with BU grads,

“I think they are really passionate and give a really great foundation of learning and once you bring them into the working place they really have a great understanding of business.”

Students were pleased they attended the event, S. Yusupor, an MA Tourism and Hospitality Management student from Uzbekestan studying at BU said, “I cam to find out what is the future of the hospitality and touriusm industry what the plans are with other nationalities and senior management how they are planning to develop for the future of hospitality and tourism management.”


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