Ten pieces of advice as a fellow Indian Student

Ten pieces of advice I would like to give as a fellow Indian Student in Media and Communication Courses (more or less also applicable to other courses and pathways):    Research your journey. Before even leaving your home take a good look at your journey plan and try to find some interesting avenues. If a… Read more »

3 Reasons Why I Stayed in Halls

Second year accommodation can be a really important decision that needs to be made. I’m currently a second year student but I decided to stay living in halls. There are so many reasons why I decided to do this, but I talk about 3 that were important to me.

Adjusting to working from home

Adjusting to working from home is a super valuable skill to learn whilst at university… and is something the vast majority of us have had to do in light of recent events. It can be difficult to transition from working in an office, library or any other work-accustomed environment that you are used to being… Read more »