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This is a very bittersweet post as it’s my last ever! It might not be my last posted to this page as I’m not sure when I’m uploading this, but as of writing, this will be my last post 🙁

So as a last post I thought I would do a recap of my past 3 years here at Bournemouth University and tell you the 6 biggest takeaways I’ve gained from the experience. I’ve learnt a lot so picking 6 was hard!

University has been an utterly amazing experience, it had it’s highs and lows but it’s taught me so much about the world, others and myself and I wouldn’t change a single part of my journey.

Hopefully I’ll be back on this blog soon, but thank you to anyone who ever read my posts. It’s been an absolute joy to bring you along on my journey!

Over and out, Emily 🙂

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