Goodbyes – they’re nothing to worry about!

When becoming a first-year student, there are many adjustments to make daily; from adapting to a completely independent lifestyle, to simply living so far away from home. Getting used to life at university can seem intimidating to the whole family, but don’t worry…  goodbyes get easier. I remember feeling overwhelmed with uncertainty moving into a… Read more » about Goodbyes – they’re nothing to worry about!

Students wearing orange ResLifeBU team t-shirts

ResLifeBU – Who are we and what do we do!?

This is a guest blog by ResLifeBU Assistant Phoebe Watkins. Feeling a little apprehensive about moving away from home? Wondering how your going to meet new people when you arrive? ResLifeBU have you covered. In 2016 BU launched ResLife, to help create a lively, friendly and supportive community for new students in BU accommodation. So,… Read more » about ResLifeBU – Who are we and what do we do!?

Living in Winton

So Winton is the little area halfway between BU and Lansdowne (where all the first year halls are in town). Basically, most people tend to live in Winton in a shared house for second and final year whether that’s on Alma Road or Frederica. And even though we all reminisce about our ‘halls of residence days’, Winton… Read more » about Living in Winton

What I’ve learnt: Living away from home

Hi Everyone, A little vlog about what I’ve learnt having lived away from home. Some practical things and also some soppy things – you know me, I like a good old mixture. Hope this resonates with some of you and you can take comfort in some of what I say!