Free trip to China!

My experience as an international student in BU couldn’t have been better. I got chosen to be one of 13 students from different faculties and study levels (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) to represent BU in its inaugural Global Festival of Learning 2016. In China. For two weeks! All costs covered! Whoah!  The programme itself is called Destination China Summer… Read more »

Abigail’s Journey to BU

“I was dead-set on Bournemouth and believed that whatever vision I had would definitely be met”. My journey to Bournemouth University started in 2014 during a midnight scroll around the Internet looking for a university with an excellent media department. Through my internet searching I came across BU and I was immediately sold because of… Read more »


Jaimalee’s journey to BU

As I started preparing my daughter Jennea for the bright, yet challenging, world ahead of her at her own university last year, she asked with concern and love, “What are you going to do now mum?” Without thinking, I answered her as I always had: “Live bold, follow bliss, experience despite fear”. I’ve said these… Read more »

Eli’s journey to BU

“Don’t be afraid of having big dreams, because sometimes they do become true…” Sometimes it takes longer than you expect to find exactly what you want to do with your life and what your path is. It took me five years to realise what Master’s degree I wanted to do. I already had a very strong… Read more »

Nanna’s journey to BU

We’ve been asking our arriving students from outside the UK to share their journey to BU through blogs, vlogs and photos. Nanna Lund Nielsen’s joining us from Denmark on BA (Hons) Computer Visualisation and Animation. Watch her journey below…