Healthy Eating away from Home

Hello! I am Inta from Canada, studying a BA (Hons) International Hospitality & Tourism Management at BU. I know from experience that healthy eating while at uni isn’t always the easiest thing to do. As a Canadian living in the UK, healthy foods aren’t exactly part of the British cuisine although it is getting better!… Read more »

Clubs and Societies at BU

Hey guys, its JC again. While doing my Masters in Maritime Archaeology at Bournemouth University, I’ve joined some societies to meet people outside of my course. There are so many clubs and societies to choose from. If you can’t find one that interests you, then you can create one. What’s Out There  There are so… Read more »

Eating Healthily in Bournemouth

Hi! I am JC and I’m from Canada, currently doing my Masters in Maritime Archaeology at Bournemouth University. Depending on where you’re from, you may find that the food here is often very bland. This doesn’t mean it’s like this at every restaurant. If you go to Italian, Indian or Asian restaurants the food is… Read more »

What to Pack and What to Buy

When it was time to start packing for Bournemouth, I started off pretty conservatively…and then inevitably tried to fit everything I owned into my suitcase twenty minutes before leaving for the airport in a panic. While it’s certainly tempting to bring as much of home with you when going off to uni, especially when it… Read more »

International Orientation Week

Hello! I am Jaime from Colorado and on the MLit (Hons) English Programme here at BU. Studying overseas can be both an exciting, yet scary adventure! One of the highlights of Bournemouth University is their dedication to student satisfaction. Through its Week One activities calendar and its International Orientation schedule, BU strives to make all… Read more »

Orientation Week

Hi guys, my name is JC and I’m currently doing my Masters in Maritime Archaeology at BU. When it came to leaving Canada for England, I chose to leave earlier, to arrive a few days before it was time to move into my flat. I saw this as a way to get my bearings in… Read more »

Packing or Buying?

Hi guys! My name is JC, I am from Canada and currently doing my Masters in Maritime Archaeology at Bournemouth University. Figuring out what to bring and what to buy when I started packing was maybe one of the hardest aspects of preparing for my new life. The first thing I can say is that… Read more »