Places you can go in Bournemouth with your UNIBUS pass

So if you don’t already know, there are literally tons of places to explore and visit as a student when at Bournemouth University. If you book halls for your first year, the majority offer an annual bus pass which is included in the price of your rent. When you look at the accommodation pages you’ll… Read more » about Places you can go in Bournemouth with your UNIBUS pass

Yoga with ResLifeBU

ResLife is a programme run by staff and students at BU. The unique programme offers tons of activities throughout the year to help student wellbeing. Life’s about getting that balance, and that’s hard to do around ‘stressful’ assessment deadlines and exam dates but ReslifeBU have helped me and will for certain be there to help… Read more » about Yoga with ResLifeBU

The best places to visit in Bournemouth

If you are submitting your UCAS application soon and debating whether to select BU as one of your choices or maybe you’ve applied but don’t know for certain if you will select is as your insurance or firm choice here’s why as a location Bournemouth is second to no other! Bournemouth is an extremely beautiful… Read more » about The best places to visit in Bournemouth

Jessica’s story: Living in Bournemouth

Want to know what it’s like to live in Bournemouth? Meet our new vlogger Jessica, who’s studying BA (Hons) Advertising. She’s already been at BU for a year, so she’s the right person to tell you about being a student in Bournemouth…