Hiya. I didn’t go home for the summer break so watch my latest vlog to see what I get up to on a typical day outside of term time. I hope it gives you an idea of what a day as a uni student looks like when we are not in lectures! Bye for now.
Here’s a montage of my friends and I making our final film of our first year as part of our BA (Hons) TV Production course.
How to pack for uni
Hi 👋 I’ve finished my first year and I can still remember uni move-in day! In this vlog, I’ll share my top tips for how to pack for uni. Space is limited so the main thing is to think about the essentials and go from there. Hope this helps 🙂  
Hiya, In this weeks post I thought I’d show you what i get up to in the evenings. I’m part of a few clubs so on a Wednesday night I host a radio show with one of my friends and then straight after I have a pole fitness class so I’m very busy. I thought... Read more »
Hey, In this video, I take you through my first few weeks in Bournemouth and shares my top tips on how to settle into life as an international student.
Hiya If you’re wondering what to pack for uni and how to make sure you’ve got all the essentials, watch this video where I share my top tips. Hope it’s useful! 🙂
Hey, In this vlog I take you through some of the tips and tricks I use to make studying an activity that I actually enjoy!  
Hiya. I’m sure you’ll all know by now that Bournemouth and the local area has some pretty amazing beaches. But in this vlog, I’m going to show you some other ideas of things to do in town and further beyond. There’s so much to explore when you arrive. You’re going to love it!
Hiya, The time finally arrived for me to go to the Summer Ball! I’d never been before due to the pandemic so this was my first and last time going and I made every second count! I didn’t make it to the famous survivors photos (sorry for the spoilers) but I did have an amazing... Read more »
Hey I’m nearly at the end of my first year and I feel like I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to come back in September! Hope you like my latest vlog where I share my first-year experience and provide some top tips along the way for your first year. Kage 🙂
Hey guys, Deadline season is in full swing so life is pretty hectic right now, but I still like to make sure I take some time to myself in the morning. So in this video watch along and follow me through my morning routine as a final year uni student! Emily 🙂  
Hey! This is Madhumitha, an international student from India. On the account of Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, a friend and I decided to visit Frieda’s Tearoom to experience the culture of Afternoon Tea for the very first time! Here is a vlog on how the day unfolded –