BA Media Production Student, Jess is on location filming as part of her degree

My experience working with local companies

This is a guest post written by Jess Miller, a second-year BA (Hons) Media Production Student. Read about her experience in the Client & Audience unit – a chance for students to work with local businesses or charities. In this unit, we gain real-world experience of what it is like to work with a client… Read more »

SUBU Elections Night 2019 (Women's Committee)

What university has taught me

University for me hasn’t just been about studying academically. It’s allowed me to learn lots about myself, my future and the world around me. When I first applied, I don’t believe that I realised at the time, the amount of growing as a person you do whilst at university, especially during your early to late… Read more »

Tips for surviving a Master’s

As the workload can increase when comparing an undergraduate course to a postgraduate course, there are many important aspects to consider when heading into a Master’s when it comes to managing that workload, making sure that the workload is evenly spread out and that you are taking enough time off in between when completing the… Read more »

Kage's first year experience

How I’ve found my first year at BU

Hey I’m nearly at the end of my first year and I feel like I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to come back in September! Hope you like my latest vlog where I share my first-year experience and provide some top tips along the way for your first year. Kage 🙂