Mia is sat at the kitchen table smiling at the camera with the words Student Friendly Recipe Ideas

Three of my go-to, delicious, student-friendly recipes

When you’re at uni, cooking for yourself in between lectures, assignments, clubs/societies and whatever else you get up to is hard! So you need easy, cheap and delicious meals to make that are quick! In this vlog I give you three of my favourite go-to student-friendly recipe ideas 😊 Happy cooking!  

Mia standing with her arms in the air in front of a house with the words Moving into a house for the first time as a student

Moving from uni accommodation into your first home!

Hey, I’m Mia and in my vlog I’ve discussed the differences between living in uni accommodation and living in a house for the first time! I’ve mentioned what you can expect from living in a house for the first time and some tips on the transition from halls to house. I hope it helps!