Find the festival that fits

Hi all, my name is Garrett Bucklin and I am an MBA student at Bournemouth University. One of the best things about Bournemouth is the location; we are close to the beach, have tons of things that we are able to do, and there are constantly events that are held here. Aside from all the… Read more »

An American Postgrad in Bournemouth

Hi, my name is Garrett Bucklin, I am an American and have been living in Bournemouth for about 9 months now. I am currently on the MBA program and have enjoyed every minute of my time here. There is quite a diversity to the culture out here. As Bournemouth is a university town, it means… Read more »

MBA at BU: Setting you on the right path for the future

Hi my name is Garrett and today I am going to be talking to you about the Master of Business Administration program here at Bournemouth University. It is one of the most highly respected programs out there as a business degree. One of the best things about receiving an MBA is that it covers all… Read more »

Strategies for success: Study skills

Hi, my name is Garrett. I’m from the United States and I am undergoing my MBA at Bournemouth University. I studied in the US for four years of college where I earned my BS in business marketing. Differences: My study strategies have varied from one course to another, although there is one constant that is… Read more »

Image of students looking at Budapest river

70% is good? Grading systems in the UK compared to the States

Hi my name is Garrett Bucklin, I am from the United States and I’m currently a Master’s student at Bournemouth University. My undergraduate education was based around both business marketing as well as business management, which has been a nice lead up to my Master’s in Business Administration. There are many differences when transitioning into… Read more »

Part-time work: Taking advantage of opportunities

Hi everyone, my name is Garrett, I am from the United States and a current Masters student here at Bournemouth University. As an undergraduate student I never really looked for part-time work; I saw it as something that was unattractive and would make my life much more difficult. One thing I realized since I have… Read more »

A perfect fit for my year abroad

I recently finished my undergraduate education in the United States where I have lived for most of my life. There were a few main reasons why I took my post graduate education outside the country, and more specifically at Bournemouth University. I have always enjoyed travelling, I have seen a few different places in my… Read more »