Tips and advice to keep the pressures off!

Many of us struggle during the first few months at university because the pressures of our courses, struggling with our workload and not understanding the course content amongst other new experiences. BU have helpfully compiled a list of tips and tricks in order to help you if you feel you are struggling. These really helped… Read more »

Reflections…what did Bournemouth University teach me?

Looking back at my time at Bournemouth University, I can acknowledge how much I have learnt over this process and how the experience of university has shaped the career choices I am about to make and the person I am now, four years later. Coming to BU was an anxious time for me. I did… Read more »

My top 5 uni experiences 

Making friends in my accommodation  Meeting my new flat mates in person for the first time after speaking on social media in the build up to starting university and  making plans to go out to freshers events together,  cook together, finding out about each other’s courses and deciding what to bring for university was definitely… Read more »