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Final year

BA (Hons) Criminology

Studying a Criminology degree at Bournemouth University will broaden your perspective on numerous different topics such as; Terrorism, Modern Slavery, and Organised Crime.

During your degree you have opportunities to study abroad, do a variety of work placements, and develop a research-based project surrounding a topic that interests you.

Year 1:Bournemouth Gateway Building

At Bournemouth University, the teaching of Criminology is based at the Lansdowne Campus. In the first year of your degree, the course offers 6 core units.

Examples of these are Crime and the Criminal Justice System and Social Inequality and Exclusion. These units will start to prepare your research and critical thinking skills, which are vital for your next two years.

Year 2:

Although there are some core units in the second year, you have the choice to choose two units that you have an interest in. Bournemouth University offers a wide variety of different units and many different examination styles.

Some units might require essay-style assignments, group projects, or presentations to grade you on your knowledge and skills applied to that unit.

Some of the units offered in the second year are Human Trafficking and Criminal Psychology. There is also an option to do a 20-day placement, allowing you to make connections with possible career opportunities.

Year 3:

If you don’t dTwo police officers, one standing with a bike, and a police car.o a placement year, then your degree will only be three years. In your third year you will have to conduct a social research project, also known as a dissertation.

Alongside this, you will study two units, two core and two chosen. The units are adapted each year however some of the current options are Crime and Criminal Justice in the 21st century, Terrorism, Protection and Society and Seekers, Believers and Iconoclasts.

Overall, Bournemouth University offers a wide range of units for it’s Criminology degree, allowing you to tailor your degree and choose subjects that are best suited for you and your future career.

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