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This is a guest post by PhD student Aziean Jamin.

Aziean in New Forest

Hello, I am Aziean Jamin, a PhD student at Bournemouth University Business School. In addition to that, I am also employed as an academic at Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia. Currently, I am on a three-year study leave.

Through my working experience, I had the privilege of closely collaborating with the Department of Social Welfare Malaysia. This experience significantly fuelled my passion for studying disability employment in hospitality organisations.

While working alongside people with disabilities, I had the opportunity to witness their unique talents, aspirations, and dreams, which further enriched my understanding of this field. Therefore, my research focuses on recognising positive psychosocial factors among hospitality champions’ stakeholders to collaboratively promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in employment opportunities.

Why did I choose Postgraduate Research at BU?

I came here with a scholarship from my government and university. To confirm my eligibility for the sponsorship, I had to secure a placement at a renowned university worldwide. I chose BU because of its ranking as the top 20th Hospitality and Leisure university in the world.

What do I like most here at BU?

BU holds a special place in my heart for numerous compelling reasons. Firstly, I am fortunate to have supportive supervisors who guide my academic pursuits. Additionally, I am granted access to various vital databases for research. The working environment at the Executive Business Centre at BU is ideal, providing me with a conducive space.

Furthermore, BU organises many complimentary research seminars each semester, catering to the needs of postgraduate researchers like me. Not to mention, I am surrounded by a fantastic network of peers who offer unwavering support. Moreover, I cherish my life in Bournemouth for its simplicity, reasonable cost of living, and ease of accessibility. The city has become my home and perfectly complements my academic journey at BU.

Aziean standing next to a beach hut on the beach

My advice for anyone considering becoming a Postgraduate Research student at BU

As a mature PhD student with young children, I understand the unique challenges and responsibilities you may face while pursuing your doctoral studies. Here is some advice for peers in a similar situation:

Establish a routine, create a consistent schedule that allows for both family and PhD work, ensuring effective time management.
Seek support, reach out to your partner, family, and friends for help with childcare and household tasks, lightening your load and enabling you to focus on your studies.

Communicate with your supervisor, I communicated clearly with my supervisors regarding my scholarship requirements, research plan, and family commitments. It is crucial to maintain open communication within your research team.

Plan ahead and break down tasks into manageable chunks, create a realistic timeline, and stay organised to make steady progress in your research.

Take care of yourself, prioritise self-care by getting enough rest, eating well, and engaging in activities that rejuvenate you, promoting a healthy balance and stress management.

Celebrate achievements! Reward yourself for milestones achieved, whether through small treats, gifts, or quality time with your family. They deserve a reward too! Remember, many others have succeeded in balancing family and a PhD journey, so stay motivated and persevere towards your goal.

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