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My name is Harrison and I study Midwifery!

My whole life I have been surrounded by inspirational women such as my mother and grandmother who became the main role models and sculpted me into the person I am today.

I chose to study midwifery because I am passionate about women’s health; including pregnancy and birth and have always been fascinated with the physiology behind it.

Most importantly, the reason I wanted to become a midwife was that I wanted to advocate for women, allowing them to feel safe, listened to, heard, and supporting them during their pregnancy and journey into motherhood.

My experience on the course so far has been truly amazing. Not only has it enabled me to grow professionally and academically but it has also given me the opportunity to grow personally. I feel it has totally changed and evolved me as a person.

Harrison smiling at the camera wearing skills uniform

My favourite thing about studying midwifery is the diversity. Every couple I have the privilege of caring for is different, they all have their own story to share and are all on their own journey.

Each shift is never dull and always different, you never know what you’re going to be walking into. Something that I found particularly challenging was my confidence surrounding how others would perceive me and my choice in degree as well as my confidence surrounding my academic capability.

I overcame these challenges by accessing support from my peers, lecturers and supervisors who reminded me of the reasons why I am here. My confidence continues to flourish thanks to this support, and I cannot wait to see what is to come.

My advice for prospective students looking to apply for midwifery is do it!

Put any doubts about yourself and your capabilities at the back of your mind and just do it! The course will help you grow professionally, academically, and personally into the best version of yourself.

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