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It was a long journey for me to choose what I want to study at university. Since a young age, I’ve always been a unique blend of creativity and analytical thinking. I found myself naturally drawn to the world of marketing and communication, where the two worlds collide. After I reviewed my options, it became evident that Bournemouth University and the course in Marketing Communications with Digital Media were the perfect fit for me. So, here’s why I made this choice and what makes Bournemouth University stand out.

Relaxing at the beach after lectures


One of the most attracting factors that led me to choose Bournemouth University was its location. I loved the idea of living in South Coast of England, near the beautiful beaches of Bournemouth. Attending a university near the beach was what initially caught my attention. Bournemouth seemed as an ideal location for both studies and leisure.

Small Town

Additionally, Bournemouth is a charming, small town where the community feels close and familiar. The town’s welcoming atmosphere and the fact that everyone seems to know each other made me feel like I would be part of a warm and friendly community. Moving to a new place can sometimes be difficult, and I believe choosing a small town for the beginning of adulthood is a great idea. As soon as I moved in I knew I made the right decision because it was so easy to make friends; everyone knew everyone. This made me feel at home.

University’s Reputation

Bournemouth University Talbot campus

Bournemouth University itself has an excellent reputation for academic excellence. The campus is relatively new, with modern facilities that provide students with the resources they need to succeed. The university’s reputation for producing graduates who secure high-quality jobs upon graduation was particularly appealing to me. I had also heard from others that Bournemouth University not only provides an outstanding education but also paves the way for promising career prospects.

Visiting before moving in

What further encouraged my decision was the fact that I had visited Bournemouth in my younger years. This allowed me to explore the town, experience its unique charm, and get a taste of what life could be like here. I highly recommend anyone considering Bournemouth as their future home to visit it for a holiday first. This provides a fantastic opportunity to get to know the town, its people, and the university itself before committing to study here. This familiarity helped ease the transition from my old home to this new and exciting chapter of my life.

Bournemouth beach

In conclusion, the choice of Bournemouth University and the Marketing Communications with Digital Media course was the best decision I have made. The beautiful beach, the welcoming town atmosphere, the university’s excellent reputation, and my prior experience with the area all played important roles in making this decision. Bournemouth is not just a place of study; it’s a place to build lifelong memories and a promising future. I’m confident that my journey here will be academically fulfilling and I am very happy with my decision to study at Bournemouth University.

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