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At university, you will be exposed to a very different way of learning than you would have had in Secondary School and Sixth Form/College.

Higher Education is more focused on independent learning and at BU, we like to see ourselves as colleagues and less as teachers and students.

So what actually is the difference between a Lecture and a Seminar?!



Lecture theatreA lecture is a session where a lecturer will be talking to a large number of students in a room similar in structure to a theatre (hence the term ‘lecture theatre’). They will often use an aid of PowerPoint, videos, and demonstrations to back up the content of the lecture. These sessions can have anywhere from 25 all the way to 250 people in there at any one time.



Supplementary to lectures, you will also have seminars. Seminars are much calmer than lectures, think of these as your tutor group. In seminars, you will have anywhere from 10-20 people in there and the main thing you would do inSeminar room these sessions is go over the contents of the lecture, but in more of a discussion. It is your chance to ask questions about the content as well as discuss your assignments related to the lectures!



Is that all the teaching styles you ask?

WorkshopsWill Rodwell using an EasyRig Minimax with the Sony FS5 (filming equipment)

In some courses you also have workshops, these are sessions where you can learn and practice the practical elements of your course such as learning software’s, practicing learning to use a camera or even lab practicals.

(And in the photo on the right, here is me using an EasyRig Minimax with the Sony FS5).


So, those are the teaching methods you should expect when you come to university. Best of luck with your studies and I hope to see you in September.


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